Luxe skin care to help you hydrate, restore and protect

Luxe skin care to help you hydrate, restore and protect

The harsh winter season can take its toll on our skin and as the winter months continue, your skin may need a little extra TLC. 

The importance of keeping your skin hydrated goes without saying and protection is key too, especially if we want to maintain a healthy glow during the colder, darker, winter months. Cold weather can dry our skin due to lower moisture levels in the air. With an emphasis placed on hydrate, restore and protect, we’ve selected our top natural skincare products for you to discover this January. 

MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil

Our best selling natural skincare blend for radiant skin, absorbs quickly and is rich in rose hip oil, which is known for it it’s natural regenerative properties.

Moska Chandra Midnight Oil 

A facial oil that helps restore, repair and protect. Use nightly to help aid rest and sleep. Its rich blend of antioxidants and omega rich oils work hard to restore your precious skin overnight.

Helleo Soap Prickly Pear & Aloe Vera 

Handcrafted therapeutic soap, use to give hydration to tired skin. Rich in aloe vera this soap is ideal for use on dry, damaged, skin and hair.

Amber Bath Oil

A rich luxe natural bath oil that provides a luxurious bathing experience. You only need a small amount of this gorgeous oil for it to create a highly moisturising bath.  Good food for all your skin.

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