Our jewellery trends for 2019

Our jewellery trends for 2019

As we start to feel motivated about the New Year, we’ve spent our Christmas break thinking about jewellery and what we like! For us, 2019 is all about colour with a move away from minimalist elements. We're thinking maximalist jewellery for making a big statement! 

Colour fix

Influences from the south of France, Algiers and Marrakesh working together in a way that makes us think of a Matisse palette of oranges, pinks, greens, golds and blues. This year we love jewellery with colour and that Matisse style continues through bold shapes - think larger than life earrings!

Boho inspired

Keeping to the allure of boho, Moroccan influences will also be found in our love for ancient and ethnic inspired designs, especially in arm cuffs and bangles.
We also love overlaying and double chain necklaces with interesting and quirky pendants in enamel, resin and colourful stones. And we've kept a little boho vibe too with moons, stars, medallions and gold engraved coins in earrings and necklaces. 

This summer we're exploring jewellery made from natural materials like shell, rattan and thread. In the meantime, below is our top picks in jewellery this January. 

Double chain coin necklace - A Weathered Penny
Matisse inspired statement earrings in  blue - Lima Lima
Coco bangle - Lima Lima
Star and crescent moon earrings - Artisan and Adventures

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