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Show some bottle and refill it

Show some bottle and refill it

We’re all trying to reduce our plastic use so we thought we’d trying to make it easier for you!

So many of our everyday products come in a plastic container, it seems such a waste to just throw it out when it’s empty. We know that not everyone gets on with shampoo bars (we have so many friends who love them as well) - we’re all about choice, so you can now buy shampoo, conditioner and bodywash without packaging in our refill bar.

Check out the amazing scents of our Faith in Nature shampoo, conditioner and bodywash in jojoba, seaweed & citrus, aloe vera, coconut, tea tree, lavender & geranium and grapefruit & orange! (Subject to availability – the coconut conditioner has been really popular and keeps selling out!) We also offer Ecoleaf hand soap, washing up liquid, multi surface cleaner and laundry liquid!

Though ideally we'd love you to refill using your own container, we also have some very special eco bottles for you to use too, all sourced locally of course! Amber bottles for your bathroom with a minimalist apothecary feel and screen-printed with organic ink, by hand on a marvellous old machine in Southern England. Our bottles are made from PET plastic (safe for wet areas), which can be recycled - so perfect! 

Are you ready for a refill? Pop in and try for yourself. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30am. Our range of Faith In Nature products is always expanding, discover something new to try each time you refill. 

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