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The Artizans first photo shoot

It is fair to say that most website producers get almost all of their images from ready-made photography stock sites. These photos are representative of their brand and they look glossy and exciting. They can choose from thousands of options and depending on their budget, they can make their website look top end with very little effort. But they are still “stock” images. They can’t possibly express everything the website owner wants to say. There will always be a compromise.

The Artizans like to do things a little differently

We knew that we are selling more than just quality products from amazing makers, we are presenting our customers with a lifestyle, a feeling and inspiration. We needed this to be reflected in our imagery through a variety of image types - so, armed with a tiny budget, just a few hours and a few amazing local experts on hand to help, we had our very first photo shoot. It was nerve shredding!

It didn’t take long for our nerves to calm though. We quickly realised that we were producing images that truly captured what we are all about. We were able to create photos that could be used in a variety of ways and we began to understand more about our brand as we poured over the thumbnails - deciding which would make it to the website.

We couldn’t have done it alone

We are privileged to have a number of businesses close by that could provide us with their time and skills (and most of all, their advice) on the day. These wonderful people included our photographer Darren Wingham who took charge and was able to get the most from our customer models Angela and Alexandra. They were certainly nervous, but we think they looked great and were naturals!

Makeup was provided by Rachel Maslin Makeup and the team over at Georgina Brown Hairdressing came armed with straighteners and hair products galore. We were even a bit worried that our glamorous ladies might outshine the products!

What we learned

  • Plan. Plan again and then plan a little more - you really can’t wing it.
  • Set up, lights and positioning take much longer than you expect
  • The experts really do know best

We have learned from our mistakes and know what not to do next time. Despite a few false starts and delays we were able to produce photos that rival any you might find on Shutterstock and we know that they feature our products, our customers and that they were created with support from local businesses.

It was an exciting and a revealing day, we learned a lot in preparation for our next shoot.


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