The Drawing Escape

The Drawing Escape

On of the things we love to do in our shop is to run events that bring the local community together. One of our regular and most popular events is the Drawing Escape. This free event offers a space where people can unleash their creativity in a supportive environment, with experts on hand to give tips and pointers.

Our shop has always been a community-led project. We welcome people through our doors for a natter or a cup of coffee and the drawing meets were the natural extension of that vibe. The surroundings lend themselves to a creative feeling and our attendees find themselves naturally drawn to express themselves. Its a wonderful thing to witness.

We are artists ourselves and so we understand the importance of working in a collaborative sense with others, We learn from each other; giving and getting feedback and building confidence as we go. We have become firm friends and to be fair - sometimes a little less drawing is done and little more wine drinking occurs.

We are building a little creative community of like-minded individuals from all backgrounds, ages and sexes. We each have our individual skills and interests and yet, when we draw, we are somehow sharing a vision. It is amazing what opening your doors can do.



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